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You can control the appearance of an analysis table by changing fonts, colours, grids, highlights and sizing. You can save your style for later use. You make the changes from the table style menu: Edit Styles, Separators, Sizing, Options, Load Style and Save Style.

There are two ways to open the menu from the Table window

  • right-click the table
  • press the F2 function key

There are 11 different areas or regions in any table and any combination of these areas can be altered independently using the Edit Styles menu item. This allows you to change the way the contents of the rows and columns look. You can change the color of the text and background, the font used, and where the text appears. It is advisable to make consistent alterations to a table, such as all totals to be bold, all labels to be italics, etc. so that the table is easy to read.
  • The Separators menu item allows you to specify highlighting of table rows and columns (for example, highlighting alternate columns so they are easier to read). You can also insert blank rows and columns to break up the table.
  • The Sizing menu item allows you to force the table cells to be a specified size.
  • The Options menu item allows you to decide whether the question label headings and totals rows and columns appear.
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