Changing the lines between table rows and columns

The default style of an analysis table has lines around each cell of the table to create a boxed effect. Each of the regions of a table can be defined to include or exclude any of these lines. This is done using the Define Table Style dialog.

  1. Open the table to be changed
  2. Click StyleModeIcon.png , click F2 or right-click to select Edit Styles from the context menu open the Define Table Style dialog.
  3. The Region field contains a list of all the areas of the table. Select one or more regions from the list.
  4. Change the color of the lines by clicking the Gridline button in the Colour section.
  5. To add or remove the lines of the selected regions click the lines in the Gridlines box.
Set the gridlines in an analysis table
  • To remove all lines, select all the regions of the table and remove all the lines displayed in the Gridlines area by clicking on each line.
  • To only show lines between the data rows.
    • First remove all lines as described above
    • Select Body in the Regions pane
    • Click the centre and bottom horizontal lines in the Gridlines area.
Set the gridlines in an analysis table
  1. Click Apply or OK to save the changes.