Interviewer (Google Android) release notes

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Follow the instructions Installing on devices running Google Android to install the latest release of the Interviewer app.

Release 1.12.3

Release date: 14th February 2024


  • SOI-117 Update to handle file storage permissions for android 13 and above.

Release 1.12

Release date: 12th October 2023


  • SOI-108 Button added to manually download latest Javascript interviewer.


  • SOI-77 Participant changes not always sync-ed to device.
  • SOI-80 Back button not always working as expected (Android only).
  • SOI-106 Partials with attachments could fail to sync fully

Release 1.11.1

Release date: July 2023


  • SOI-50/94 Responses with AttachIts could fail to sync
  • SOI-51 Application rename: Interviewer
  • SOI-80 Device back button not always working as expected
  • SOI-102 Inconsistent behaviour on timeout with Legacy Interviewer

Release 1.10.3

Release date: 8th December 2022


  • SOI-101: Interviewer app not auto-updating Javascript Interviewer

Release 1.10

Release date: 14th November 2022


  • SOI-46: Support for Quotas and Screen-outs. This requires a compatible installation of Snap XMP Online.
  • SOI-29: Update JSI component without requiring Interviewer update


  • SOI-77: Changes to Participants do not update with sync
  • SOI-82: Add option to not populate Id.Name on logged on surveys
  • SOI-89: Device keyboard covers the input question, and you cannot scroll it into view
  • JS-88: Auto submit fix when using JavaScript interviewer

Release 1.9

Release date: 6th April 2022


  • SOI-68: Wrong page sequence after submission on a group questionnaire
  • SOI-63: Rephrased warning message when discarding a partial
  • SOI-85: Upload stats potentially not written out

Release 1.8

Release date: 13th January 2022


  • SOI-48: Implement seeding (pre-populate) questions with external data
  • SOI-38: Implement initial and calculated values for new (beta) interviewer


  • SOI-37: Time and Date paradata not always correct with new (beta) interviewer
  • SOI-52: Remove trailing spaces from server URL
  • SOI-53: Cancelling the Close button request should not clear the current responses
  • SOI-55: Changes to stats settings not always kept
  • SOI-60: Single page survey would auto-submit when using device settings
  • SOI-70: Sync responses only tries the current logged in user
  • SOI-84: Drag and drop grids not working with new (beta) interviewer

Release 1.3.2

Release date: 17th December 2020


  • SOI-47: Allow ‘Sync on number of responses’ to be set to 1 within App


  • SOI-49: Responses could get stored against default user

Release 1.3

Release date: 18th November 2020


  • Biometric log on using your fingerprint or face ID (device dependent)
  • Reworked Settings screens, including new screen to support Biometrics


  • SOI-38 Initial value not working with Javascript Interviewer