Installing on devices running Google Android

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This section covers how to install Snap Offline Interviewer on devices that use Google Android. This includes a range of smartphones and tablets.

Downloading Snap Offline Interviewer

  1. You need to download the app from the Google Play Store. To do this you can search for Snap offline interviewer or use the link:
  2. Click on the link or enter the URL in your web browser. This link opens the Snap Offline Interviewer app page on the Apple App Store.
Snap Offline Interviewer logo
  1. When you have found the Snap Offline Interviewer app install the app on your device.

Logging into Snap Offline Interviewer for the first time

Once you have downloaded the Snap Offline Interviewer app to your device you can log in.

  1. When you log in for the first time you will need
    • The email address that you want to use to access your Snap Online account.
    • Your Snap Online password
    • If your organisation has a server that you will use instead of the Snap Online server then you also need your organisation’s Server URL
  2. Start the Snap Offline Interviewer app and you are shown the sample surveys page.
  3. On this page click the menu icon with 3 bars phone app menu.jpg in the top left hand corner.
  4. Click Log In. You will see a message that there is no Snap Online server set. You now need to select the Snap Online server that you want to use. Click OK on the message.
The server URL is not set message
  1. Click Set URL Set Server URL icon at the top right hand corner. If you are using the Snap Online servers the list of available servers shows
    • UK Datacentre where data is stored in the UK
    • US Datacentre where data is stored in the US
Set the server URL that contains the surveys
  1. Select the available server you want to use. Your selection is shown as the Selected Server. Click OK.
  2. Your organisation may have set up a server or servers. In this case, click Own servers and enter the server URL you have been given by your organisation. Click OK.
  3. Enter your Snap Online email address and password in the Log In screen.
    • To see the password you are entering, click the Show/hide password icon show_hide_Pass_icon
    • To save the user details you are entering, turn on Keep me logged in
Login page requesting email address and password
  1. When you have finished entering your details, click the Log in button. Snap Offline Interviewer will connect to Snap Online and download your surveys.

Opening a survey

  1. Once you have logged in you will see a list of surveys or forms that are available to complete. If there are no surveys or forms shown press Sync in the top right hand corner. When the surveys are downloaded you will see a Surveys Downloaded message above the surveys.
  2. Click on the survey or form and it opens on screen. You may be asked to allow the app to use your location if the survey requires geo-location to work. You may also be asked if you want to allow access only whilst using the app, it is advisable to allow this. If this message appears again on your screen you need to change your phone settings to allow the app to use your location.

You are now at the start of the survey or form. Follow the onscreen instructions on how to complete it. Every time you press the submit button the data entered will be sent to the main user of the software.

Starting Snap Offline Interviewer

  1. Start the Snap Offline Interviewer app.
  2. If you have previously logged in, selected Keep me logged in and have not logged out then the app will open directly to your list of surveys, otherwise the app will display the Log In screen and you can log in.

If you have an internet connection, Snap Offline Interviewer automatically checks to see if you have the latest versions of the available surveys

  • Open a survey by selecting it

To manually synchronise all surveys and responses with the server, click Sync. Snap Offline Interviewer will attempt to synchronise at ten minute intervals if Auto-synchronisation is enabled. An internet connection is required to synchronise.