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SurveyPaks are a feature available in Snap Desktop that can help you create surveys quickly and consistently. They consist of pre-designed questions which you can re-use. SurveyPaks may include whole sections of surveys, including title, instructions and questions. They are intended to make it easy for you to create surveys by providing standard information and questions. The questions, instructions etc. within SurveyPaks are organised into topics.

SurveyPaks can contain questions in multiple languages. This allows you to add a question to a multi-language survey so that it appears in the different language editions in the correct language. Of course, if the question in the SurveyPak hasn’t been translated into the appropriate language, it can’t be put in the survey.

SurveyPaks can also contain code frames. These are the possible answers to a multi-choice question. They allow you to add library responses to any question text.

You can create your own SurveyPaks, add questions to SurveyPaks and sort the contents into different topics.

If you’re looking for a particular question in a SurveyPak you can search for it using a filter. This allows you to search for one or more words or sets of words anywhere in the question text. You can use several filters at the same time and keep the filtered results until you close the SurveyPak or the Reference window.

SurveyPaks can also include survey templates. Survey templates are provided by Snap to make it easy to create surveys from the questions stored in a SurveyPak file. They are particularly useful when you need to create surveys required by legislation. They consist of a set of questions (in one or more languages) and fields where you can enter information that is specific to your organisation or this survey.

SurveyPaks have the file extension .wdf. The Reference SurveyPak is included with Snap Desktop.

SurveyPaks are viewed in the Reference Window.

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