New Cell Value Field dialog

The New Cell Value Field dialog allows you to insert the data into table cells or notes within your report. This can be the calculated current value or over-typed data. Enter an expression describing the table cell data to insert the current table cell data into the report field, when you run the report. The expression is […]

Scanning Summary dialog

The Scanning Summary dialog opens by clicking  on the data entry window toolbar in scanning mode. Map from case This provides a set of colour coded blocks representing the current cases in the survey. Map from case Description An unscanned page or case. The case may have been entered without scanning, set to unscanned, or the image may […]

Importing your translated file

When you receive your translated text file, check it to ensure that it matches the format of the exported file. If you are content, you can then use it to translate your survey.

Exporting the source file for translation

These instructions show how to create the translation file containing the text that you need translating. Preparing external translation Setting the export languages Setting the export options

Translation wizard

The translation wizard helps you to create multi-lingual surveys. You can export text from the questionnaire for translation. When the translation is available, you can import the file containing the translated text to the survey. If you have a translated file, you can import it into any survey that contains the original text. You can also use a SurveyPak as […]

Database link wizard: Online email invitations

This page is available if you have chosen to send email invitations for an online survey, using the database link wizard. This happens when you have Email invitations and reminders Email address field The database field that stores the participants’ email addresses. Font formatting Choose the font type, size, format and colour for the selected text […]

Stop sharing another user’s work

When you are collaborating with other Snap XMP users, they may share their work, such as, a folder, survey or template, with you. After you have finished using the shared item, you can stop sharing by: These instructions show how you can stop sharing the item from your Snap XMP Online account. Stop using a […]


The Editions and Style Templates dialog contains information about the different editions in the questionnaire. Edition list Check the box by an edition to include it when you publish your questionnaire, uncheck the box to remove it. New Create a new output edition. Questionnaire has same structure and text but different properties Language Open the […]

360 Surveys

This webinar is third in our series of Group Questionnaires and 360 Surveys webinars. The first webinar covers designing a group of similar surveys that can be sent to multiple people via one link. The second webinar looks at how to analyse the data from these surveys using Smart Reports. You’ve seen how to design […]