One-day Conference Survey guide

Introduction to the One-day Conference Survey The One-day Conference Survey allows you to build surveys that ask your delegates how satisfied they were with your conference. The survey contains some mandatory satisfaction questions including customisable free-text questions about the conference. There is also the opportunity to add demographic questions. You can tailor the title, the […]

Command Lines for Snap XMP Desktop

Opening a survey Option Secondary option Online/Offline Description Example “filename” offline Opens with the survey filename. This is equivalent to double-clicking on the file. The operation distinguishes between MDF, ADF, TMDF files. “snap Desktop.exe” “snSurvey.mdf” /S Opens the last used survey “snap Desktop.exe” /S /S “filename” offline Opens the named survey. “snap Desktop.exe” /S “snSurvey.mdf” […]

European survey templates

The European survey templates are available to download for customers wanting to use a combination of Dutch, French and English languages. By following the instructions, you will be able to select the survey templates when creating new surveys, in both Snap XMP Desktop and Snap XMP Online. In Snap XMP Online, the survey templates are […]

Creating Analyses

Analyses, such as tables and charts, help you examine and interpret the survey’s response data. In Snap Online, you can create tables, charts, lists and word clouds in the Analyze section. There is also an accompanying analysis webinar that demonstrates how to create the analyses in Snap Online. Opening the Analyze section There are two […]

Question Styles

Snap XMP comes with an extensive number of question styles that you can use in your questionnaire design. Sample survey showing Snap XMP question styles To help you design your questionnaire we have created a survey explaining all the question types and letting you see how they look in an interview. This survey gives an […]

Setting up new Snap XMP Online accounts

To share a survey with interviewers or results with analysts, you will need to assign them permissions to the survey or folder. This means that each person you want to be an interviewer or an analyst must have their own Snap Online account. If they do not already have an account created in Snap Online, they can […]

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) guide

Introduction to the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) allows you to build surveys that ask your customers how satisfied they are with your organisation. The survey contains the standard 2 part CSAT questions to measure the satisfaction of your customers. Both the 5 point scale and follow-up question text can be […]

Features list comparing Snap XMP products

This list of features compares those features available with the full Snap XMP suite of products, including Snap XMP Desktop, Snap XMP Online and Snap XMP Offline Interviewer to the feature when only using the online products Snap XMP Online and Snap XMP Offline Interviewer. Create Dynamic, Engaging Surveys Getting started Product Feature Full Snap […]