Thumbs up/down Survey guide

The Thumbs up/down Survey allows you to build surveys that ask your customers whether or not they are satisfied with your organisation. The survey contains a 2 part question to collect customer opinions about your product, service or content. The first question is in the format of a thumbs up (positive) or thumbs down (negative) […]

Page setup for printing reports

The Page Setup dialog allows you to set the report page margins, headers, footers and printer options. You can also set default fonts for each area of the report. The setup covers all reports within the survey, including smart reports listed in the Reports window, or a print report on details of the survey, such as, variables or weights. Page […]

Changing the legend labels

You can specify the labels shown in the legend. By default, the labels display the value of each data point. You can add your own text instead or a combination of the value and your own text. Open this dialog by clicking Fill in the analysis Map Control Editor. Select the drop down to insert […]

Changing the legend font

You can specify the font used for the legend text by selecting the typeface, font style, font size, and font colour. Open this dialog by clicking Fill in the analysis Map Control Editor.

Changing the legend backdrop

You can specify the background and outline for the legend. Open this dialog by clicking Fill in the analysis Map Control Editor. Fill Select whether the legend will be in a coloured box. Gradient Specify in what manner the coloured background changes from the first to the second colour. Fill/From colour Define the first colour […]

Changing the legend location

The Location tab positions the legend or map key, relative to the image. Open this dialog by clicking Fill in the analysis Map Control Editor. Check Visible to display the legend on the analysis map. Select a radio button to position the legend. If you select Custom location, you must specify the dimensions of the legend box. For […]

Changing the shading

You can add and remove data points as well as change the colours of each data point in the legend. You must define at least two colours, one set as the minimum and the other as the maximum value. Any additional data points are fixed as mid values. Open this dialog by clicking Fill in […]

Map Control Editor for Analysis Maps

The Map Control Editor lets you design an analysis map. The Designer tab contains the tools to load and edit an analysis map. First, you need to load a map control or an image into the map control. The image used for the map control can be one of the following: Snap Surveys provides a range of […]

Override Analysis Value

You can open the Override Analysis Value dialog by double-clicking a table cell. It is used to add external data or text to a table, possibly for later reference using a table cell reference in a report. You can also use it to change the default text of the row and column labels. Cell Value Includes the […]

New Cell Value Field dialog

The New Cell Value Field dialog allows you to insert the data into table cells or notes within your report. This can be the calculated current value or over-typed data. Enter an expression describing the table cell data to insert the current table cell data into the report field, when you run the report. The expression is […]