Online Survey to Screen Potential Job Candidates

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Survey potential job candidates with an online survey 

Whether you are assessing internal employees or recruiting new candidates from outside the business, an online job candidate survey is an excellent tool to help with pre-employment screening and candidate assessments.  Human resources staff can effectively create job surveys using online survey software.  A well planned, designed, and administered job survey can help define the demand for the position and the necessary job requirements.

During this difficult economic time, jobs are in high demand.  It can be overwhelming for human resources staff to keep up with the large volume of job candidates. The sheer volume of applicants for an open position can make the hiring process more complicated. Additionally, not having the proper screening tools can lead to hiring mistakes and lost productivity from hiring the wrong person for the job. That’s where effective job applicant screening can help.  Screening the high volume of applicants is most effective through an online job survey.  A job survey can take the place of searching through a multitude of resumes from job applicants, and save the human resources team a lot of time.

Take this scenario, for instance. Say you are looking to hire a new sales representative. The job survey can include questions that identify with the key characteristics, requirements, and skills for the position of sales representative – years of sales experience, education, or customer service experience. You can set-up predefined analysis for your job survey. You can event set-up a scoring metrics to score each applicant. If a job applicant does not meet the requirements you have set in place, they do not move forward, and they are not considered for the position. A job survey can turn that big stack of job applicants into a simplified list of qualified job candidates.

Using online survey software, you can design an effective job survey and administer it in a number of online modes, including email survey, online survey, embedded on your website, or even through a social media survey; if you use social media as part of your employee recruiting plan. Collect all results in one centralized location and analyze data in real-time or run customized analysis and reports.

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