Fraud alert: Please be aware of surveys scams


We have recently been made aware of scams involving surveys and fraudulent checks, which are falsely using the Snap Surveys name. The survey scams are not sent by Snap Surveys, or in any way associated with the company; they are trying to obtain money or sensitive personal information.

Our directors and legal staff are aware of this impersonation and illegal use of the Snap Surveys name, and we have taken action by notifying appropriate authorities, including the FTC.

Protect yourself against survey scams

A known scam called “Mystery Shopper Scam” issues a survey, counterfeit check, and text notifications. Learn more about this scam: Mystery Shopping Scam Information. This scam uses the name Snap Surveys Inc., which does not exist, and has no affiliation with the Snap Surveys brand.

Snap Surveys does not facilitate any “mystery shopper” surveys and does not issue checks.

We have also been made aware of a text scam where people have been informed by text that they can claim a prize from Snap Surveys. This is a scam, and Snap Surveys does not offer survey prizes – any such texts have no affiliations with Snap Surveys.

Snap Surveys does not facilitate any “prize claim texts” and does not issue any prize rewards. 

Another scam we have been made aware of is one where people are sent an email about becoming a ‘ghost shopper’ for Snap Surveys. This is a scam, these emails have no affiliation with Snap Surveys, and the website they provide ( is a false, scam website.

Snap Surveys does not facilitate any “ghost shopper” surveys and does not provide payment for such shoppers. 

We recommend you be vigilant and report any suspicious or potentially illegal activity to your local law enforcement and the FTC immediately. We also recommend you avoid and report mailed scam packages to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Please contact us if you find a scam using the Snap Surveys name other than the mystery shopper scam or text scam mentioned above.

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