4 Reasons to Create an Online Course Evaluation System

What are 4 good reasons to create an online course evaluation system with online surveys software?

Student-course-evaluationsMany institutions of higher education – colleges, universities, community colleges – use online survey software to create a powerful course evaluation system. With Snap Survey Software, your institution can easily administer and collect data directly from students, and generate analysis and reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement. Snap Survey Software has the ability to generate comprehensive Smart Reports, which can be integrated into your course evaluation system in order to generate reports on an range of criterion and over time. With Contextual Reporting, a new Smart Reporting feature of Snap 11 Survey Software, you can easily generate lists of reports from the same survey which contain data relevant to and configured to individual professors, departments, schools, and more. And, the relevant reports can be run over and over again. It’s an effective and easy way to automate the management of multiple reports, making it especially useful to educational institutions for information gathered through course evaluations. Continue reading

The Main Objectives of Alumni Surveys

What are the main objectives of alumni surveys?

Alumni surveys can focus on one or more of the following subjects:

  • General gathering of preferences, contact information, and current status.
  • Generate insights into institutional quality improvements.
  • Measure alumni experiences and satisfaction with all areas of their education – from academic experiences  (quality of professors and departments) to student experiences (campus life, extracurricular activities, technology resources).
  • Gauge the interest of alumni in making monetary contributions to the educational institution.
  • Gather information on the interests of alumni to participate in alumni events.
  •  Analyze and report on data to provide statistical information for the purpose of accreditation. Continue reading

Alumni Surveys with Online Survey Software

Use the advanced tools in online survey software to create effective and engaging alumni surveys

Over time, the alumni survey has expanded in purpose. The intent of alumni surveys is to keep alumni associations up-to-date on alumni life since graduation. They are used to assess a former student’s college experiences and alumni satisfaction on such aspects as academic experiences  (quality of professors and departments), student experiences (campus environment, extracurricular activities, counseling services, technology resources). They are also used to assess how alumni are transitioning from academic life to career life, and to measure the relationship of their college major to his/her current employment. Alumni surveys have expanded in scope to include questions pertaining to the skills and competencies students acquired in preparation for their career, as well as measure how engaged a student was during his/her academic life. Continue reading

How Can Survey Software Help Those in Education?

How can you use survey software at your educational institution?

Snap Survey Software offers a range of features that help those in education and training get the information they need to make better decisions.  The functionality, versatility, and ease of use of Snap Survey Software make it the ideal survey solution for the education industry.

Use Snap Survey Software to create:

  • Course Evaluations
  • Instructor Evaluations
  • Student and Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Academic research projects
  • Needs Assessments
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Institutional Research Departmental Surveys
  • Longitudinal Studies

Snap’s latest survey software release, Snap 11, has been designed to give users all the professional tools they need to create, manage, and analyze surveys, in any language, and in any mode, including: online, paper (for scanning), mobile, phone, and kiosk surveys. Educational institutions and non-profit organizations benefit from a discount on Snap Surveys’ products and services, and we also offer a free student edition. Contact us for more information, and get started with Snap Survey Software today.

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Project of Course Evaluation Surveys

Learn how to create a project of course evaluation surveys with Snap Survey Software

Customers, particularly in the education and healthcare sectors, are increasingly using the panel surveys functionality in Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management platform, to manage a panel of surveys for individuals to complete online surveys over a period of time.

Continue reading

Student Evaluations and Course Evaluations – Choosing Between Open or Closed Questions for your Survey

When developing your course evaluation or student evaluation, how you ask each question will determine the type of information you obtain.  Because prompted recall (Closed questions) triggers memory, they will usually produce more answers than unprompted recall (Open questions or unprompted closed questions). Continue reading

Student Evaluations and Course Evaluations – Advantages and Disadvantages of asking Closed Questions in your Questionnaire

Course Evaluations and Student Evaluations sometimes use ‘closed questions’ (one or more answers selected in a predetermined list of responses) for many reasons.  Usually it is done to get quantitative information about the course or program being reviewed.  Continue reading

Course Evaluations and Student Evaluations, and the Types of Questions to Consider when Planning Your Course or Student Questionnaire

Course evaluations and student evaluations are a good way to gain valuable information about the quality and quantity of information students are receiving from your course or program.  These surveys can help you to evaluate professors, curriculum, and other factors, that can ensure your students are receiving the desired results from their enrollment.  Many learning centers use student evaluations to improve and expand programs and to be certain their staff is appropriately skilled in providing the quality course materials that students expect. Continue reading