Announcing the launch of the Muscular Skeletal Disorders tool (with the HSE)


HEALTH and safety culture has grown significantly in the UK over the last decade, thanks in part due to a large drive from the UK government.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the government agency responsible for carrying it out, making sure organisations are aware of – and compliant – with health and safety regulations in Great Britain.

To do this, the HSE has partnered with Snap Surveys to create solutions that businesses can use to get feedback on their health and safety culture and performance.

These solutions deal with specific areas within health and safety – such as stress, manual handling, and health and safety as a whole.

And now in October 2021, a new solution has been released: a musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) online assessment tool.

It is the latest collaboration between Snap Surveys and the HSE and acts as an all-in-one solution that employers can use to easily assess the risks posed by physical, strenuous activities.

Steve Jenkins, CEO of Snap Surveys, said: “We have a long and productive history with the HSE going back to 2008 and are delighted to bring this MSD tool to market.

“The MSD tool leverages Snap’s Offline Interviewer technology to enable MSD reviewers to make recordings on-site, even in the complete absence of an internet connection.

“Our customer base is wide and we have a track record of our solutions working for everyone. From large worldwide organisations to smaller local businesses, the MSD tool will be perfect for anyone wanting to improve their health and safety culture.”

For more information about the MSD tool, visit the Snap Surveys Marketplace.

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