Covid-19: 10 Tips for Returning to Work Safely

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As many organisations begin planning returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s possible you’re going to be heading back to work soon.

The threat of Covid-19 is still there though – meaning we must all take precautions to stay safe.

So what can you do?

Returning to work safely after Covid-19

Prepare the night before

Think about your journey beforehand and consider the precautions you’ll need to take every step of the way.

Give yourself plenty of time

Set your alarm clock slightly earlier than you used to. Everything you used to do may take longer until you get back into a routine. Restrictions on public transport may mean your journey to work takes longer.

Limit exposure to colleagues

Actively keep away from people as much as possible, apart from the obvious things like avoiding the kitchen or break out areas. You can phone or video call people, even if they are in the same building as you.

Temperature checks

Take your temperature before heading into work each day. A high fever is a major symptom of Covid-19, so checking this before you leave the house might help reduce the risk of infecting others.

Face masks

Make use of any face masks available. Wearing a mask can protect others by filtering out of particles – making them incredibly effective at preventing the spread of germs.

They aren’t fool-proof though, so they must be used in conjunction with other best practices.

Here’s some more information about making your own face masks.


Gloves are a smart way to limit the spread of germs but many people are unaware of how to use them effectively.

Gloves prevent germs getting on your hands when you’re in public, but if you eat or touch your face then those germs still transfer.

Read up on best practices – use them and bin them!

Hand sanitizer

Hopefully your employer is providing hand sanitizer at the entrance to your workplace and in convenient locations around the office. Regardless, you may still want to take your own and use it regularly.

Think about how many people touch door handles, the coffee machine or the taps in the bathroom!

Take a picnic to work

Taking your own food and drink to work will help keep you away from people at break times. You won’t have to wait in a line of people or sit at busy tables.

Just remember to include cutlery, crockery and something to drink from!

Open the windows

Studies have shown that increasing ventilation by opening windows helps to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Scientists have said it’s safer to be outdoors because the threat of the virus is lower, so it makes sense to keep the air fresh and flowing.

Never underestimate the threat

Very little is known about Covid-19 and there’s a chance this may be around for years.

As the number of daily deaths reduce, it’s important to remain alert to the threat and not get complacent.

Stay vigilant around the office and keep an open communication with your manager about the latest news and safety advice.

Bonus tip

Don’t forget your laptop power cable!

Be safe everyone.

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