Translation wizard

The translation wizard helps you to create multi-lingual surveys. You can export text from the questionnaire for translation. When the translation is available, you can import the file containing the translated text to the survey. If you have a translated file, you can import it into any survey that contains the original text.

You can also use a SurveyPak as a source for your translations, so that a survey can include any translation text in the SurveyPak.

Prepare External TranslationCreate a file containing the pieces of text from the survey that you wish to translate.
Apply External TranslationImport translations from files in the correct format. This can be from a matched file export from another survey, or by a translation service working on a previously exported file.
Translate From ReferenceUse an open SurveyPak as a source for translation. If the same question exists in the SurveyPak and has been translated, you can import the translation from the SurveyPak.