Setting up the online survey framework

Setting up your online account details

Before you can create or view the online surveys in Snap XMP Desktop you will need to set up a link with a Snap XMP Online user account. You will need to enter your Snap XMP Online account details to link the surveys created in this Snap XMP Online account to Snap XMP Desktop.

  1. Close any open surveys in Snap XMP Desktop using File/Close Survey.
  2. Click the Tailor menu and click Online Account to open the Log in to Snap XMP Online dialog.
Log in to Snap Online with the entered user details
  1. In the Select Server section there are two options
    • Select Snap XMP Online if your account is run by Snap Surveys. Select the Snap XMP Online server to log in.
    • Select Own Server if your organisation is running Snap XMP Online on their server. Select the server URL to log in.
  2. In the User Details section enter the Email Address and Password to connect to the server.
  3. Check Remember my credentials if you would like the Password to be remembered every time you use Snap XMP Desktop.
  4. Click OK to log in to the online surveys via Snap XMP Desktop.

Creating a folder to help organise the online surveys

Folders help to organise your online surveys. Creating your folders first allows you to create or transfer your online surveys to the place you want straight away.

  1. When you start Snap XMP Desktop the Survey Overview window appears. If it is not open, click Survey Overview SurveyOverviewIcon.png on the Snap toolbar, which opens the Survey Overview window.
  2. On the Survey Overview toolbar, click Online Surveys 5.OnlineSurveysIcon.png to show the online surveys. When you open the online surveys for the first time, you will see one top level folder called Your work.
Survey overview showing the online folder Your work
  1. Click on Your work then right click to show a popup menu and click New Folder.
Add a new online folder
  1. In the New Folder Name dialog, enter a name for the folder. In the example, the new folder name is ‘Demo Surveys’.
Enter the new folder name
  1. Click OK and the new folder is shown in the Survey Overview window.
Survey overview window showing the new folder in online surveys

Create a new online survey

  1. Click 1.NewSurveyIcon.png to create a new online survey.
  2. Choose one of the supplied templates as a starting point for the new survey. The Blank Template is chosen by default. This creates a survey with editions for PC/laptop, tablet, phone and paper. Click Next.
Select the survey template that the survey will be based on
  1. In the New Online Survey dialog, enter a name for the survey and select the folder to add the survey. Click OK.
Enter the new online survey details
  1. This creates the new survey. You can now build your questionnaire in the Questionnaire window. The tabs for the different editions are shown at the bottom.
Questionnaire window showing the editions tabs