Setting up new Snap Online accounts for analysts

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Sharing results with analysts and stakeholders throughout a project is important for any researcher. It keeps analysts up-to-date, promotes collaborative working, and enables them to react quickly to emerging trends and patterns.

In Snap XMP – you can share results with key associates online and in real time. This quick-sharing of data provides a more inclusive experience.

You also have control over which analyses and reports are available, how they are presented, and what permissions are granted.

How it works

To share results with analysts and stakeholders you will need to assign them permissions to the survey or folder. This means that each person you want to be an analyst must have their own Snap Online account.

If they already have an account in Snap Online, you can use the Shares feature to give them either Analyst or Analyst plus data download permissions to a survey or folder.

If they do not already have an account created in Snap Online, you can give them a copy of the following links in order for them to create an account with the associated permissions. There are 2 account types you can give them to create, which are Analyst  or Analyst plus data download. Be sure to give them the appropriate country’s link (UK or US).

UK Analyst account

UK Analyst + data download account

US Analyst account

US Analyst + data download account