Using Rating Check to ensure ranking

Often you would like to ask the participants of your survey to rank a number of options in a given order. A grid question can be used to achieve this by setting the Rating Check property. This property ensures participants answer the question with one ranking in each aspect or row.

Step 1: Adding the rated grid question

  1. Open the questionnaire in the Questionnaire window.
  2. Click New Question NewIcon.png to create the new question that will be used for rating.
  3. Select Grid First in the style list.
  4. Enter the question text “Please rate the following modes of transport in order of frequency of use”.
  5. Press Tab and type 1 as the first code label then press Tab again to create a new code label and repeat until you have 5 code labels from 1 to 5.
  6. Press the down arrow to enter the text “Foot” in the grid label
  7. Press Ctrl+Enter to create a new row in the grid. This has the style Grid Next. Enter the text for the grid label. Repeat the process for each row required.
Grid Question rating the mode of transport
  1. Click Save SaveIcon.png .

Step 2: Setting the Rating Check property

  1. Select the rated grid question then click Variable Properties VariablePropsIcon.png to open the Variable Properties dialog.
  2. In the Rating Check property select Yes then click OK.
Variable properties with Rating Check set to Yes
  1. Click Save SaveIcon.png .

The participant will only be able to select one choice in each rating or column of the rating grid question when they are completing the questionnaire.

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