Buttons settings

The Buttons section specifies the buttons that are used in the interview and the appearance of the buttons.

Button Specify which buttons appear on the survey page, and how they look. They always appear in the following order.
Back Go to previous page.
Reset Page Clear all respondent’s entries on this page.
Restart Close the current interview and restart the survey.
Print Print the current page.
Save Save the current state of the survey.
Next Go to the next page. This is always used.
Submit Submit the survey. This is always used.
Use in survey Check to use the selected button in the survey.
Text Plain text that appears on a basic button.
Alternative text If an image is used, this text is used as the ALT text for the image which is displayed if the image is not available.
Pages Select which pages of the interview the selected button is displayed.
Appearance Specify an individual image used to represent the selected component. You can also select a plain text representation of the button. You do not need to specify individual images if you are using a design.
Alignment Position of the buttons on the toolbar (the same setting applies to all the buttons).
Design Open the Navigation Design dialog to specify the scheme used for the tool bar area (button and toolbar colours, and whether the progress bar is present).

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