Navigation button design

The type and style of the buttons of your pages are defined in the Questionnaire Properties dialog. You can set the default button style, to show with or without text, or add a custom button image.

  1. In the Questionnaire window, click Questionnaire properties QuestionnairePropsIcon.png to display the Questionnaire Properties dialog box.
  2. Select Buttons in the Section panel to display the buttons properties.
Setting the buttons to use in the questionnaire
  1. Click Design to choose a style for your buttons. This opens the Navigation Design dialog.
Selecting the navigation button design
DesignSelect a design and color for all your buttons (and progress bar if used). Click Select Design to open an image chooser and select the design to use for all buttons.
Progress BarSpecify if a progress bar is used and whether it is labelled Progress. Click Select Bar to open an image chooser and select the progress bar
ToolbarSpecify if the navigation area should be colored and which color to use.
  1. Select the button design.
  2. Click OK to save the changes to all buttons.

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