Question Styles

Snap XMP comes with an extensive number of question styles that you can use in your questionnaire design. Sample survey showing Snap XMP question styles To help you design your questionnaire we have created a survey explaining all the question types and letting you see how they look in an interview. This survey gives an […]

Setting up new Snap XMP Online accounts

To share a survey with interviewers or results with analysts, you will need to assign them permissions to the survey or folder. This means that each person you want to be an interviewer or an analyst must have their own Snap Online account. If they do not already have an account created in Snap Online, they can […]

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) guide

The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) allows you to build surveys that ask your customers how satisfied they are with your organisation. The survey contains the standard 2 part CSAT questions to measure the satisfaction of your customers. Both the 5 point scale and follow-up question text can be customised using your own words. There is […]

Features list comparing Snap XMP products

This list of features compares those features available with the full Snap XMP suite of products, including Snap XMP Desktop, Snap XMP Online and Snap XMP Offline Interviewer to the feature when only using the online products Snap XMP Online and Snap XMP Offline Interviewer. Create Dynamic, Engaging Surveys Getting started Product Feature Full Snap […]

Randomising the order of your questions

Showing the questions in the same order for every interview can introduce biases in the responses to the questionnaire. Answers are often influenced by the order in which questions are asked, often favouring the first and last items, or questions asked earlier in the interview may influence answers given to later questions. If you have […]

Subscription Snap XMP Online release notes

These release notes are for the subscription version of Snap XMP Online, which is managed by Snap Surveys. If you are using the on-premises version of Snap XMP Online managed by your organisation, please use the On-Premises Snap XMP Online release notes. Build: Release Date: 12th November 2023 Features Fixes Build: Release Date: […]

Response profile

When running a survey, you may want to keep track of how many participants have completed the survey, or whether there are particular times that your respondents choose to complete the questionnaire. This can help you improve responses to the survey by sending invitations at certain times or targeting reminders for a particular day of […]