Snap Survey Software How-to: Back-up Data and Share Surveys

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Back-up Data and Share Surveys

As you may have noticed, from time-to-time, we have circulated some helpful ‘how-tos’ on the Snap Survey Software blog. These ‘how-tos’ address some common questions our users have about existing capabilities and features in Snap Survey Software, as well as with our other available products, for example, Snap Offline Interviewer for mobile surveys. We’ll continue to publish regular ‘how-tos’ to help you get the most out of your survey software experience.

In these special, informative blogs, we also include additional resources such as worksheets or videos. And, of course, should you have any questions, active users may contact Snap Technical Support with additional questions.

Easily Backup and Share Surveys, Complete with Data

Backing up surveys is extremely important. A back-up of your survey is a way to preserve your work and collected data in case of any issues. You can back-up a survey created in Snap with or without the case data, by archiving it. If you have an email or online survey, the archive will include information about the number of email invitations that have been sent out, and whether respondents have completed the survey. This information is not kept for Snap Online surveys, as it is kept securely on the server.

It is highly recommended that once a survey has been published, you archive it. You can archive it regularly throughout the life of the survey, and restore it to that state.

You should also archive it together with the associated data before you make any changes to it, so that you can return to the original copy if the need arises.

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