The Importance of Questionnaire Structure

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Is good questionnaire structure your answer to higher completion rates? 

Why is question structure so important? It could mean the difference between a respondent completing your survey or a respondent closing out your survey without completion because of some level of frustration.

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses his personal experience with a questionnaire that included poor question structure in his blog post, Order! Order! The importance of questionnaire structure (below). 

Order! Order! The importance of questionnaire structure 

An industry body that I am a member of recently sent me their annual survey. The questionnaire covers topics such as they type of work you do and how you see the future of your business as well as asking for ratings of different aspects of the group’s offerings and any suggestions you have as to how the activities of the group could be improved.

The first page of the questionnaire is shown below (I’ve blanked out the name of the group):


When I initially looked at this page I answered the first question and then read the 2 open-ended questions. I found them very difficult to answer off the top of my head. So difficult in fact that I closed the survey and did something else.

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About Gary Austin: Contributing guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research has over 20 years of experience in designing, managing, and interpreting quantitative research projects. Gary shares a true passion for the quality and integrity of surveys, and enjoys sharing his insights.

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