The displayed size of the questionnaire can be changed by using the Zoom button ZoomIcon.png on the Questionnaire toolbar. You can choose to zoom in, with a larger value, to get a more detailed view of questions and graphics in your questionnaire. By choosing a smaller value, you can see an overview of the questionnaire layout, showing more questions at a reduced size.

This only affects the appearance on the screen. It does not alter the look of the questionnaire when printed or viewed online. The Zoom setting resets when you close the Questionnaire window. The questionnaire always opens with zoom set to 100%.

  1. Click the Zoom button ZoomIcon.png on the toolbar and this shows a drop-down list of options, from 25% up to 400%.
  2. Choose a larger value to zoom in to get a close-up view of your questionnaire.
  3. Choose a smaller value to zoom out to make more questions visible but at a reduced size.
  4. Alternatively you can type in any value between 25% and 400% to display the zoom setting you want.