Window Size

Use the Window Size dialog to change the size of the window and change where the report is placed in the window.

Window size instruction

Setting the window size

  1. To use the default window size select Standard in the Size box.
  2. To set custom window dimensions click Set Custom.
  3. In the Set Window Size dialog, change the size of the dialog by dragging the sides or bottom corners.
  4. When you have set it to the required size click Save SaveIcon.png .

Setting the analysis placement

  1. Resize the analysis to always fit the specified space, select Scale in the box.
  2. Resize the analysis only if it is larger than the specified space, select Limit in the box.
  3. Set the percentage of the Page or Column that the analysis occupies.


Scale the plot to 80% of the Column resizes the analysis to fill 80% of the current column.

Limit the plot to 80% of the Page reduces the size of the analysis if it is larger than 80% of the page.