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Viewing the reports

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The standard reports

Snap Online provides three standard reports with each survey.

  • Questionnaire report generates a top-line summary report showing the counts or percentages of responses in the questionnaire layout
  • Summary report generates a chart, table or list for every question
  • Summary Tables report tabulates responses to all questions

Bespoke reports

In addition to the standard reports the survey may have additional bespoke reports that have been created in Snap Desktop.

When a report is created in Snap Desktop you can set when the report is available in Snap Online from the Report Details window using the Available field. By default, the Available field is blank and the report is available in Snap Online.

You can enter a condition in the Available field to determine when the report is available. You can enter ‘No’ to make the report unavailable in Snap Online. Note: If all reports, including standard reports are unavailable then the Reports menu will not be available.

Viewing the reports

You can find the reports in the Reports side menu on the left which is shown by default when you view the Analyze section.

  1. Click on a report name in the Reports menu to generate the analysis from your survey responses. You can run reports on your survey data while interviewing is taking place as well as after interviewing has closed.
Standard reports in the Reports side menu
  1. The report is displayed in the Adobe Acrobat document application.
Questionnaire report
  1. The features available through this add-on are
    • Rotate clockwise
    • Download
    • Print via print preview options
    • Fit to page or width
    • Zoom in and Zoom out
  2. You can click the 2.MaximizeBtn.PNG button to maximise the report to view it in full screen. Click it again to go back to the standard view.
  3. Hovering over the InfoIcon.PNG icon displays the filter or context information that has been applied to the current report.
Information hover text

Updating your report with the latest survey data

Usually you will want to work with the latest survey results as your survey runs.

  1. Navigate to the Analyze tab.
  2. Select the report required.
  3. Click on the Update button to update the report with the latest survey data
Report toolbar
  1. Information on how long ago that data was generated is displayed.
  2. The Update button will refresh the data if new responses have been received, the filter or context applied have changed, or the time elapsed since the report was generated is over an hour.

Downloading your analysis report to a PDF file

You can download a report to a PDF file that can be imported into other applications to further analyze the survey responses.

  1. Navigate to the Analyze tab.
  2. Select the report required.
  3. Click on the Download button to generate a PDF file.
Report toolbar
  1. The download is found in the Downloads folder or another location as determined by you or your web browser.
  2. You can also use the Adobe Acrobat download feature.

Printing your report

You can print any of your reports using the following instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Analyze tab.
  2. Select the report required in the Reports menu.
  3. Click on the Print icon in the toolbar at the top of the report. The icon may vary depending on your browser.
  1. Enter the print information required and click Print to print the report.