Variable tailoring

The Variable Tailoring dialog contains the default settings for the Variables and Variable Details windows. You can open the dialog from the Tailor | Variables menu or by clicking the Tailor icon TailoringIcon.PNG on the toolbar in the Variables or Variable Details windows.

Tailoring survey settings are available for other windows in Snap XMP Desktop.


Variable order

The Variable Order section selects the order that the Variables window displays the variables, by variable name or by the variable’s sequence number.

NameSelect to display the variables in alphanumeric order by name.
SequenceSelect to display the variables in ascending order of sequence number. When ordering by sequence, you can check the allocation of the sequence numbers.

The Questionnaire window and Data Entry window display the variables by sequence number, so ordering by sequence displays the variables in the same order in the Variables window.

Show overview columns

The Show Overview Columns section contains options to add or remove content in the Variables window. The Variables window always shows the Name, Label, Type, Response and Codes columns.

CountsSelect to display the response counts in the Variables window, which adds the columns: Sequence, Valid, No reply, Not asked and Errors.
Routing and MaskingSelect to display the routing and masking columns in the Variables window, which adds the columns: Not Asked, Goto, Skipped by and Mask.
Unique IdsSelect to display the variable id column in the Variables window, which adds the column Id.

Show counts in details

The Show Counts in Details section contains options to add or remove response counts in the Variable Details window. The Variable Details window loads more quickly when you do not display the counts, especially when there are a large number of responses.

NeverDoes not display the counts, which is the best option for large surveys. The routing is displayed in the Not Asked column when this option is selected.
If variable is activeCounts will be displayed if the selected variable is already active (showing counts). 
AlwaysAlways displays a count of data responses for each code, if available.
Show code valuesDisplays code values in brackets next to the values in the Code list.

Save options

The table shows the buttons to save or cancel changes in the tailoring dialog.

KeepKeep or save the changes as part of the current survey.
Use Uses the changes for the duration of the session. The setting reverts to the original settings after closing the survey.
Cancel Cancel any changes and close the dialog.