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Testing your questionnaire

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When the questionnaire is complete you can test it to make sure no errors were made in the design process. You can enter test cases into the questionnaire to check that the questions, routing, validation and look of the questionnaire behave in the way you want. The test data is not stored so does not affect the survey analysis.

You can do this by using the preview option. The Preview button is located on the Online Designer menu.

Preview Menu

It’s good to test all aspects of your questionnaire.

  • Check the format of each question. For example, the font and text colour.
  • Test the question response for every question. For example, for any questions that allow more than one answer check that you can enter multiple answers. If you have a question that requires a single answer, check that you cannot enter multiple answers.
  • Test the routing of the questionnaire to make sure that the correct questions are displayed according to the responses given. For example, check that the Other response text box is displayed when you select “Other” in a Multiple Choice question.
  • Test the validation. For example, check that the correct number of characters can be entered.
  • Test the patterns. For example, check that a valid email address can be entered when the question’s pattern is set to email address and an invalid one cannot.

If you change the questionnaire, make sure to repeat the testing process.

Note: The Preview option is a Beta version and does not yet contain all the logic capabilities of the Snap Online Designer. The Launch Preview option available in the Collect section provides a more accurate and fully functional preview of the questionnaire. The Launch Preview help is available in the Preview the published survey section of Publishing your survey.