Tailor Analysis

The Tailor Analysis instruction sets the default options for the analysis while the report is running. When a report is created it contains one Tailor Analysis instruction. The Analysis Tailoring dialog is similar to the Analysis Definition dialog used to create Analyses. The Tailor Analysis has six tabs.

Base/LabelsDefine the base used for the analysis; select the bases to display and set templates for the labels.
Report StylesSelect or clear the report style check boxes to show or hide titles and descriptions in the report and to select the horizontal alignment.
CellsDefine how the data appears in the table cells.
Auto CodingDefines how to automatically generate variables for analyses, especially word clouds, built from open response questions
Summary StatisticsChoose the advanced statistics that are displayed for the analysis.
Descriptive StatisticsChoose the descriptive statistics that are displayed for the analysis.
Analysis Definition showing the Report Styles tab