Creating running totals

You often have a set of questions where you wish to total the answers. For example: The amount allocated to each option gives the relative importance of each. This gives good numeric data for analysis, but is quite difficult for respondents. This worksheet shows you how to calculate a running total as the respondent completes […]

Setting an initial value

An initial value can be set for a question. This value is selected or displayed as the default answer to the question, when a participant is completing the questionnaire. The Initial Value field can be set to a code, literal constant or an expression using values from the preceding questions, depending on the question style. […]


Validation ensures that the respondent enters data into a question in the correct format and that other input criteria are satisfied. The validation includes: making a question mandatory , where the participant must answer it setting the maximum length for a free format text answer adding a pattern, such as a date or email address, […]