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Synchronizing online surveys

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Online surveys are available in Snap Online and Snap Desktop. They can be created, edited and saved in both Snap Online and Snap Desktop. An online survey is saved in a database that is accessed by both applications. Online surveys can be updated by different users of Snap Desktop and Snap Online and are synchronized to keep them in step.

What is synchronized?

When changes are made to a survey, the data that is synchronized includes the

  • Questionnaire when it is created in Snap Online
  • Publishing details
  • Interviewing details
  • Response data

When is it synchronized?

Synchronizing the surveys takes place in Snap Online when you

  • Load or reload your online survey, folder or Your work
  • Save an online survey’s questionnaire

Synchronizing the surveys takes place in Snap Desktop when you

  • Open the online surveys in the Survey Overview window.
  • Upload an online survey
  • Download an online survey
  • Click the Synchronize button
  • Save an online survey’s questionnaire

Upload a Survey from Snap Desktop

When you have made changes to a survey you can upload the survey to make sure it is available in Snap Online.

  1. In the Survey Overview window select OnlineSurveysIcon.png to view the online surveys.
  2. Select the survey that you have updated and would like to upload.
  3. Click the UploadSurveyIcon.png Upload Survey button.
Survey overview showing the online folders and surveys
  1. View the updated survey in Snap Online.

Download a survey to Snap Desktop

Before you start making changes to a survey in Snap Desktop you can make sure you have the latest version of the survey by downloading it.

  1. In the Survey Overview window select OnlineSurveysIcon.png to view the online surveys.
  2. Before you download you can check the status of your surveys by clicking the RefreshIcon.png Refresh button to see which surveys are Out of date.
Synchronising the online surveys
  1. Select the survey you would like to download.
  2. Click the DownloadSurveyIcon.png Download Survey button.
Download the selected survey from Snap Online
  1. After the survey is downloaded it is shown as Up to date. Open the survey to see the latest version.
Opening the selected survey

Synchronize in Snap Desktop

The Synchronize button on the main menu is available for online surveys only. This button synchronizes the online surveys.

Synchronize the survey with Snap Online

The Synchronize button icon alters when changes are detected.

  • 15.SynchronizeButton1.PNG is displayed when no changes are detected.
  • 16.SynchronizeButton2.PNG is displayed when changes are detected.
  1. Click on the Synchronize button or use the File/Synchronize menu option to synchronize your work.
  2. A status bar is displayed while Snap Desktop is synchronizing. The Synchronize button detects changes when
    • Changes are made to an open online survey in Snap Desktop.
    • Any variable property, analysis, reports and analysis variables associated with an online survey are updated.
    • New responses are found for an open online survey.

Synchronize Your work in Snap Online

There are two ways to update the surveys in Snap Online.

  1. Click on Your work to refresh the Your work side menu and Summary.
Viewing Your work in Snap Online
  1. Click on the folder name to refresh the folder Summary.
Navigate to the folder in Snap Online
  1. Click on the Build, Collect or Analyze tab of your survey to reload the survey with the latest questionnaire and responses.
Build, Collect and Analyze tabs in Snap Online

Synchronizing Publishing, Interviewing and Collecting

Online surveys are available in both Snap Online and Snap Desktop.

Online surveys are automatically synchronized between the two applications when a survey is

  • Published
  • Interviewing started
  • Collecting responses

The information is available to view and edit in Snap Desktop and Snap Online, regardless of the application used to publish, start the interviewing process or collect responses.

The responses that are collected through interviewing can be viewed in Snap Online or Snap Desktop. The responses can come from online, mobile, kiosk and paper sources. As these responses arrive they are saved with the other cases. The case data is available to analyze in both Snap Online and Snap Desktop.

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