Style properties

In Style mode StyleModeIcon.png , clicking the Style Properties button VariablePropsIcon.png opens the Style Properties dialog for the currently selected style.

Renaming a style template in the Style Properties dialog
NameThis is the name of the question style.
Based OnThe name of the style that is the basis for the question style.
Next ObjectThe question style that is automatically created after the current question.
Next PartThe part of a question that is created once the current part is completed. This applies to Grid First and Grid Next, Open First and Open Next, and Multi Choice.
PreviousThe type of question to be created immediately before this question.

Use the Scroll down arrow button to change any of the settings in terms of Next Object, Next Part or Previous. Any changes you make to individual style properties remain with that style for the current survey. The changes are not available to other surveys created with Snap XMP.

To alter any of the settings in the copy fields, ensure that you select the appropriate Clone Next Object, Clone Next Part or Clone Previous. This highlights the selected elements of the question. Then you can use the cursor or the space bar to identify which element you want to copy.