Sharing surveys with an interviewer

  1. Sharing surveys with interviewer is done in Snap XMP Online.
  2. Log in to Snap XMP Online and Your work is the first page shown. If you are already logged into Snap XMP Online, click Home to return to Your work.
  3. Select the item that you wish to share with the interviewer. This can be a survey, folder, or all your work. If you share a folder all of the surveys and sub-folders are shared. If you share Your work then everything in Your work is shared.
  4. Select the Shares tab in order to share the item.
Shares tab showing the users that share the selected survey
  1. Click the Add user button to add another Snap XMP Online account user to share this item of work with.
  2. In the Add user dialog enter the interviewer’s email account used for their Snap XMP Online account.
  3. Next set the Permissions to Interviewer.
  4. Set Enabled to Yes for the interviewer to have access to the shared item.
  5. Set Manage shares to No if you do not want the interviewer to share the work with other account holders.
Add a user as an interviewer
  1. When you have entered the user details, click Save to add the user. The interviewer has access to the shared item.