Settings reference

Use the options to manage the app’s behavior, for example

  • how often the Interviewer app synchronizes with the server
  • how it behaves when unattended (setting idle timeouts, survey messages etc.)
  • choose to use the survey settings or override them for the interview.

View or edit the settings

  1. In the Interviewer app, select the menu using the 3 bars icon on the left hand side, if required.
  2. Select Settings from the menu to view and edit the interviewer settings.
  3. Click Security settings to set the app timeout or biometric authentication.
  4. Click Survey settings to choose to override settings defined in the survey.
  5. Select Restore defaults if you would like to return all the settings to the default values supplied by Snap Surveys.
  6. Always check that the survey works as you expect after changing these settings

Security settings

Enable App Timeout If App Timeout is enabled, then the Interviewer app will show a login screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. If the App Timeout is disabled the app will not timeout.
Biometric authenticationThe biometric authentication settings depend on the device. If the device uses biometric authentication , such as fingerprint recognition or facial recognition, you can set the Interviewer app to use these authentication features.

Survey settings

Use survey settings Set to ON to use the timeout and autosubmit settings defined in the survey. Set it to OFF to override the survey settings with the settings on this page.
Timeout during survey Set to ON to enable timeout (reset the survey if no-one has entered any data for a specified time)
Idle timeout (seconds) How long (in seconds) the questionnaire is idle before timing out (recommended to be at least 15 seconds to give the respondent time to read a question)
Submit partial survey Set to ON to submit the survey on timeout. Set to OFF to discard the partial survey.
Auto-submit last page Set to ON to hide a Submit button (if included in survey) and submit the survey after a specified idle time. The Submit button will never be hidden on one-page surveys. Set to OFF to display the Submit button and submit survey when button is pressed. If set to OFF, the survey will remain on the last page and never be submitted if it does not include a Submit button.
Auto-submit time (seconds) Specify how long the last page is idle before the survey is submitted (recommended to be at least 15 seconds to give the respondent time to read a question).
Submit message type Set to Default/None/Custom.
Default/Custom message View the default or enter the custom message the respondent will see when the survey is submitted.
Countdown time (seconds) Set how long the timeout message is displayed after the idle timeout has completed.
Timeout message Enter the message to display. An {x} will be replaced by the countdown timer.

Auto-synchronize and kiosk settings

Kiosk modeSpecify that the app will run in kiosk mode.
Auto-synchronizeSynchronize automatically with server (attempted every ten minutes). If this is set to OFF, click Sync to synchronize manually.
Auto-sync every (minutes)Specify how long the device waits before automatically synchronizing with Snap XMP Online.
Sync every (# of responses)Specify after how many responses the device collects before synchronizing with Snap XMP Online
Sync if battery more than (%) Specify the percentage of battery power required for the interviewer to auto-synchronize. This is a power saving setting used when the device battery is low. The default is 10%.