Set the code labels and response box in the Slider Control

You can specify whether to show the code label text or the Slider Control point image in single-response questions. Choose whether the response box is shown when using quantity questions. You can also define the size of the display area and the appearance of code labels or point images.

Show code labels/ images
Show response box
Select to show the specified items
Slider directionSelect whether the code labels start with the lowest number code on the right or left (or at the top or bottom) For quantity responses specify which way the slider moves to increase or decrease the response
PositionWhether the code labels/response box are to the left or right of the slider
Size% share the code labels/response box has of the space allocated to the slider control
Horizontal spaceSpecify the width of the space around the code labels/response box
Vertical spaceSpecify the height of the space around the code labels/response box
AlignmentSpecify the text/box alignment
MinimumSpecify the minimum value for a quantity response
MaximumSpecify the maximum value for a quantity response
Decimal placesSpecify the decimal places used when specifying quantity scale points