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Print scanned image data reports

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A scanned image data report is a quick and easy way to view handwritten replies, without the need to wait for scanned questionnaires to be detected and keyed.

Prior to printing the data report, you must have retained the image files created by the scanning process. Scanning must be activated from the Data Entry Tailoring window by selecting the Scanning check box.

To print the scanned data report:

  1. Click Data Entry DataEntryIcon.png on the Snap Desktop toolbar. This opens the Data Entry window.
  2. Click Print PrintIcon.png  to access the Print Data dialog (Note: if you do not see this dialog, make sure Scanning is ticked in Data entry tailoring).
Print the scanned images of the response data
  1. In Title, enter a title to describe the data in the printed report.
  2. In Filter, you can select which results to print by entering a filter selection. Note: You can only use a variable as a filter if the data is stored, e.g. if you have not keyed in a Literal Response question and it only exists as an image in Snap Desktop. It is not possible to filter a variable which has not been interpreted successfully.
  3. In Content, specify which variables to include in the report by entering the variable names.
  4. Select Scanned Questionnaire in the Style section and any other options you may require:
    • Show Boxes Only: no question text is included in the report
    • Remove Blank Space: reduces any space around an answer image
    • Show Case Number: the case number is displayed on the report
    • Two Columns: the replies are displayed in two columns
  5. Click on OK and a list containing the images for the selected data is printed out.

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