Routing in scanning questionnaires

Routing is set up in a scanning questionnaire in the same way as other questionnaires. Further information on how to set up the routing rules can be found at Adding routing.

By default, the Scanning Module follows the routing rules set up in the questionnaire. When a routing condition is met, any question that is skipped when the questionnaire is completed will also be skipped by the scanning module. As this is a paper questionnaire there may be some responses where the participant has answered questions that were not required. These questions will not be scanned.

Scanning all questions

Routing can be turned off prior to scanning the completed questionnaires. If routing is turned off the scanning process scans all questions on the questionnaire.

  1. On the main Snap XMP Desktop menu click Tailor | Data Entry.
  2. In the Data Entry Tailoring dialog, clear Follow question routing. This turns question routing off for the selected survey.
  3. Click OK to save the settings.
  4. To turn the question routing on again select Follow question routing.