Questionnaire toolbar

The Questionnaire window allows you to specify the layout and structure of your questionnaire.

Button and menu options

ButtonMenu optionAlternativeDescription
DesignModeIcon.pngSwitch to Design mode.
StyleModeIcon.pngCtrl + MSwitch to Style mode.
DataModeIcon.pngCtrl + Shift + DSwitch to Data View mode.
NewSurveyIcon.pngEdit | NewCtrl + NCreate a new question. The name of the question must be unique within a survey. Digits and stops are allowed, e.g. Q1, Q1.1, Q1a
CloneSurveyIcon.pngEdit | CloneCtrl + OClone the existing question to create a new question with a different name.
DeleteSurveyIcon.pngEdit | DeleteDeleteDelete the current question.
UndoIcon.pngEdit | UndoCtrl + ZUndo the last action.
RedoIcon.pngEdit | RedoRedo the last action.
SaveIcon.pngFile | SaveSave the questionnaire but keeps the Questionnaire window open. This is only active once you have made changes.
VariablePropsIcon.pngOpens the Variable Properties dialog, where you can change the property values for the selected variable.
StylePickerIcon.pngOpens the Style Picker dialog, where you can select a style to apply to a question.
RoutingIcon.pngOpens the Routing Rules dialog, where you can create routing rules.
RenumberIcon.pngRenumber the questionnaire. Double-click to switch on auto-renumbering. Single-click to return to manual mode.
Questionnaire properties buttonFile | Page SetupQuestionnaire Properties. Options available depend on the edition of the questionnaire.
EditionsIcon.pngFile | EditionsEditions and Style Templates assigns a Format or Language or saves a template of the current questionnaire layout.
PrintPreviewIcon.pngFile |Print ReportCtrl + PProduce a print preview of the questionnaire with the option to print a copy.
SpellCheckIcon.pngEdit | Spell checkF9Spell checks the questionnaire.
ZoomIcon.pngZoom in or out to change the size of the questionnaire on the screen.
Define external questionnaireDefine scanning. This button is only displayed if the scanning module is installed and a scanning questionnaire is being designed.