Questionnaire design tailoring

These are the settings that give the default behaviour of the Questionnaire design window. You can open the dialog from the Tailor | Questionnaire Design menu.

Tailoring survey settings are available for other windows in Snap XMP Desktop.


Smart mode switching

These settings turn on shortcuts to switch quickly between Design mode and Style mode in the Questionnaire window.

Switch to Design Mode when typingSelect to automatically change to Design mode from Style mode when you type.
Switch to Design Mode by double-clickSelect to automatically change to Design mode from Style mode when you double-click.
Switch to Style Mode by double-clickSelect to automatically change to Style mode from Design mode when you double-click.

Smart style settings

These settings default the behaviour for creating a new style when changes are made to a question.

Favour style changes for font settingsIf whole field selected, change the style when you change a font.
Prompt for extended style assignmentsSelect to open Extended Style assignments dialog if you re-apply a style to a changed version of that style. This allows changing the style to match the changes or over-writing the changes.


Automatically renumber questionnaireSelect to update the numbering so it runs in sequence if questions are re-ordered. Clear to keep the numbers as they are.

Display options

Mode and ColourSet the selection colour highlight for the specified mode.
Expand dropdownsSelect to display all dropdown lists in full, uncheck to only display selected list.
Hide boxes with dataSelect to conceal the box outline around data in Data View.

Diagnose layout

Show formatting marksDisplay space and paragraph markers.
Show field borders Use dotted lines to show the edges of the question components.
Underline fallback font If a specified character is not available in the selected font, underline the font used to display the character.
Fallback InfoClick the Fallback Info button to view any fallback fonts that have been used to display any text.