Questionnaire Data View mode

The Data View mode in the Questionnaire window allows you to view and print responses to the survey in the questionnaire. The responses can be viewed either as a summary showing counts and/or percentages or as responses from individual participants. You can print a list of survey results when there are survey responses available, either when the survey is live or after it closes.

Change the Questionnaire window to Data View mode by clicking  DataModeIcon.png  on the Questionnaire window toolbar. This shows the case data in questionnaire format. There are two options available:

  • Select Case Data to view or print individual responses
  • Select Counts to view or print a summary of responses
Data view: Case DataDisplay the individual cases in questionnaire format. This looks like the Questionnaire view in the Data Entry window. You can print the survey responses but you cannot change the data. Use the slider bar to move between the cases.
Data view: CountsDisplay a summary of all data cases by counting responses to the questions. Answers may be displayed as:
Absolute – the sum of responses.
Percentage – the percentage of the number of cases. You can weights to the summary to change the balance of respondents.
FilterOpens a filter dialog where you can enter a filter expression to limit which cases appear.
WeightOpens a weight dialog to use a weight to change the balance of cases in the summary.