New Cell Value Field dialog

The New Cell Value Field dialog allows you to insert the data into table cells or notes within your report. This can be the calculated current value or over-typed data.

Enter an expression describing the table cell data to insert the current table cell data into the report field, when you run the report.

The expression is defined as the table name, and an expression identifying the cell to be inserted. You can use the appropriate operators within the expression, e.g., A21 R1C1 – A22 R1C1 where both table cells contain quantities.

The cell referred to can be

  • A row label description: tablename RNlabel.
  • A column label description:  tablename CNlabel.
  • A data cell described by its row and column number: tablename RNCN.
  • A statistic value described by its row and statistic number, where the statistic number is the position in the list of statistics, S1 being the top, given by tablename RNSN.

You can also use the expression tablename empty to test if a specific table contains any data.

You can choose to modify the case and set the number of decimal places to display.