Moving, deleting and copying questions

Question ordering

You can move questions within your survey. You can turn on automatic-renumbering so that the question numbers will change when they are moved. If you wish to retain question numbers, turn automatic re-numbering off.

Double click RenumberIcon.png to turn on automatic re-numbering. The toolbar icon will appear indented.

Single click turns automatic re-numbering off. You can manually renumber by a single click in this mode.

Moving questions

  1. Select the question you wish to move. Any part of the question can be selected.
  2. Use Ctrl and Image: Up Arrow to move the selected question up the questionnaire and Ctrl and Down Arrow to move it down.

If the Auto Renumber feature is on, the question numbers will automatically be re-numbered as you move the questions. If it is not activated click RenumberIcon.png once to re-number the questionnaire after you have made your changes.

Selecting consecutive items

Any number of consecutive questions or codes can be selected at a time for copying, deleting or moving. As an example, the following shows how to move an entire grid of questions.

  1. Identify the first question of the block and click anywhere in it.
  2. Then either drag down with the left mouse button depressed, or use Shift + Down Arrow to select the required questions.
  3. Now do what you want to the selection. In this case, move the block of questions by using Ctrl + Down Arrow to move the questions further down in the questionnaire.
  4. When the move is complete click on the renumber button RenumberIcon.png if required.

Cloning or copying questions

  1. Position the cursor somewhere in the question you wish to clone.
  2. Use the CloneSurveyIcon.png button to copy the contents of the question to a new one immediately after the current one. The style settings are copied and the next available question number in the sequence is calculated.
  3. You are now able to make any modifications to the new question
  4. If auto renumbering is switched off, you may need to click RenumberIcon.png to re-sequence the entire questionnaire.

Inserting a question

  1. Click the NewSurveyIcon.png button on the questionnaire toolbar to insert a new question before the currently selected question.
  2. Press Enter to add a new question after the current question.
  3. Click on the button RenumberIcon.png to renumber the questionnaire after you have added questions and auto-numbering is not switched on.

Deleting a question

  1. To delete an entire question, click in any part of the question and click on the DeleteSurveyIcon.png button.
  2. Click on the button RenumberIcon.png to renumber the questionnaire after you have deleted questions and auto-numbering is not switched on.