Margins settings

The Margins section contains settings that specify page margins and the number of page columns to use. Different settings are available for online editions and paper editions.



Define the distance between the text and the specified margin. The distance is given in pixels (px) for screen output and in centimeters (cm) for printed output.

Swap on even page

Check to swap the left and right margins between odd and even pages. Set margins used for odd pages, reversed margins for even pages. Paper output only


Set the number of columns on screen and paper

Column Gap

Set the space between the columns. This is set as a fixed width in cm for paper outputs, and a percentage of the window in screen outputs.

Column Separator

Open the Separating Line dialog to set the style of vertical line separating the columns. Paper output only

Justify Vertically

Check to align the top and bottom of the columns. Paper output only


In paper editions, click the Column Separator button to set the appearance of the column separator.

  • Style selects the type of vertical line with <none> set as the default.
  • Width selects the width of the printed line
  • Colour selects the color of the printed line.

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