Layout settings


The Layout section allows you to specify which standard components, such as a logo or title, appear on every page of your survey and how they look.

Use the first title as the main title on all pages: Check to make the title on the first page appear on all subsequent pages.
Add progress text to browser tabAdd progress text to the header of the browser tab
Other components Specify which components appear on every survey page, and how they look.
Divider Text or a graphic (normally a line) that separates the questions from the button area (left right or centred). Selecting this unselects Tool Bar.
Tool Bar A background color or image used to define the area where the buttons are. Selecting this unselects Divider.
Progress Bar A graphic or text showing respondents how far through the survey they are (appears where specified).
Logo Company logo that appears on the tool bar (left right or centred).
End of Page Text, a line or a graphic that appears below the tool bar (left, right or centred).
Use in survey Check to use the selected component in the survey.
Use Image If checked, use the image specified in Image to represent the component. If clear, use the text specified in Text.
Image Specify the image used to represent the selected component.
Text Text that is used to represent the selected component. You can insert HTML codes between angle brackets. E.g., to insert an HTML horizontal line, type <<hr>>. If the Image box has been checked, this text is used as the ALT text for the image (displayed if the image is not available).
Alignment Specify the position of the selected component (image or text) on the toolbar. You can specify the position of the Progress Bar on the page using the secondary drop-down list.

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