Inserting Open Grid questions

You can create a grid of open ended questions where respondents can enter their own answers.

  1. Press Enter to create a new question.
  2. In the style selection drop down list change the style to Open Grid First. This will allow you to set up the heading for the first of a series of questions, each of which can contain numbers or text.
  1. Click on the box that reads Click here for text. Type your question text and press Down Arrow or Tab.
  2. The cursor will move to the Grid Label of the first row where you can enter your text. Use Ctrl and + to make the box larger if necessary.
  3. Press Tab and type the next question text in the next line of the question.

This is an Open Grid Next question. Its question box (and all subsequent boxes) will be the same size as the first box in the question.

  1. If you need more questions press Tab again and repeat the process.

If you wish to change the responses to quantities, dates or times, select Responses in the toolbar topic. Following questions will keep the new response type and box size.


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