Inserting Notes in your questionnaire

Notes are questions that provide text information and include

  • Title
  • Sub Title
  • Instruction

Add a note to your questionnaire by inserting text in one of these styles.

Inserting a title or sub-title

A questionnaire normally starts with a heading together with text to explain its purpose and how it should be completed. As soon as a new questionnaire starts, there are placeholders for a title and then a sub-title.

  1. In the area marked “Click here for text”, type the name of your survey. The style displayed in the ribbon at the top of the window is pre-set to Title. The default layout and font for the title is black text in Arial font on a white background.
  2. Press Enter when you have set up your title. This displays a sub-title area automatically. The Sub Title style is on the toolbar.
  3. Type your sub-title text.
  1. Press Enter when you have set up your title and sub-title.

The text of the sub-title automatically moves onto the next line as you type. If you want to force a new line as part of the text of the title or sub-title, click on the appropriate location and press Shift and Enter.

Inserting an instruction

An Instruction can appear anywhere in the questionnaire and can be a note to an interviewer or guidelines to a respondent on how to complete the next section of the questionnaire.

  1. Press Enter to create a new question when you have set up your title and sub-title.
  2. Change the style to Instruction in the style selection box. This allows you to enter free format text that appears across the entire column of the questionnaire.
  3. Type your instruction or information text in the box.

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