Inserting Grid questions

Grid is made up of a series of Single Response questions, which have exactly the same choice of answers, organised in grid rows. Often they ask for people’s attitude towards something. In Snap XMP Desktop, a grid uses the styles Grid First and Grid Next.

  1. Press Enter to create a new question.
  2. In the style selection drop down list change the style to Grid First. This will allow you to set up the headings for the first of a series of grid questions.
  1. In the area marked Click here for text, type your question text, for example “How did you rate the following?” Press the Tab key on your keyboard.
  2. The cursor will now move to the list of codes across the top of the first grid question. Type the first of the possible answers, such as “Good”. Press Tab to create the next code. Type each subsequent answer and follow each by pressing Tab. After the last code press Down Arrow instead of Tab.
  3. The cursor will move to the text of the first Grid Label. Type the first item, such as “Speed of service” and press Tab.
  1. This creates the next grid row automatically changing the style to Grid Next for the second and subsequent rows. Type the next Grid Label.
  2. Press Tab to create another grid row or press Enter to complete the grid and move to a new question.

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