How to share a folder

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This article describes how to share a folder that you own with another Snap Online user.

  1. Log in to Snap Online and Your work is the first page shown. If you are already logged into Snap Online, click Home to return to Your work. The Summary tab is shown by default.
  2. Select the folder you want to share. This may be a sub folder, which is a folder located in another folder.
  3. Select the Shares tab. This lists the users who you have shared this folder with.
Shares tab showing the users that share the selected folder
  1. Click the Add user button to enter the details of the user you want to share this folder with. The user must have a Snap Online account.
Add a user to share the selected folder
  1. In the Add user dialog enter the user’s email address that they use to access their Snap Online account.
  2. Next set the Permissions for the user.




This gives permission to access the Analyze section of a survey.

Analyst plus data download

This gives the same permission as Analyst with the addition of access to download the survey data.


This permission allows access to use the survey as an interviewer, but does not give access to the Build, Collect or Analyze sections.


This gives full access to all sections of the survey: Build, Collect and Analyze.

  1. Set Enabled to Yes for the user to have access to the shared item.
  2. Set Manage shares to No if you do not want the user to share the folder with other account holders. Set Manage shares to Yes if you want the user to be able to share the folder with other Snap Online account users.
  3. When you have entered the user details, click Save to add the user. The user has access to the shared folder.
  4. The new user is displayed in the Shares list for the folder.
Shares tab showing the users that share the selected folder
  1. The folders, surveys and survey templates in the folder are shown with new icons showing that they are shared. The icon SharedFolder.png indicates that the folder is shared. The icon SharedSurvey.png indicates that the surveys or survey template is shared.
  2. In the Shares tab, the Permissions column shows you where the share was set. As the following example shows the survey share is inherited from Conference surveys.

FolderInherited.PNG .