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Entering data from paper surveys

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This tutorial describes how to enter responses from paper questionnaires using prompted mode. Prompted mode is the mode that the Snap Surveys data entry team prefer to use.

The survey used in the worksheet is Activate, which is included with Snap Desktop. The survey has been cloned or copied without the raw data file.

This worksheet will show you how to:

  • Enter test data
  • Change settings to speed up data entry
  • Enter live data
Sample survey

Step 1: Enter test data

This is a useful way to check that you have set up routing and question response types correctly.

  1. From the Survey Overview window, double click on the survey you want to enter data into. This can be an online or offline survey. In this example, the survey used is called Activate1 which is an offline survey that is cloned from Activate.
Survey Overview showing offline surveys
  1. Click OK on the Survey Details dialog.
  2. Click on the Data Entry icon DataEntryIcon.png in the Snap Desktop Toolbar.
  3. There are three options for data entry
    • Questionnaire mode QuestModeIcon.png shows the same view as the questionnaire
    • Interview mode InterviewModeIcon.png presents a single question on the screen at a time and shows the list of answers to make selections from.
    • Prompted mode P:\Snap Desktop Help\Snap 12 Word files\SnapSurveys Help Files\Screenshots\DataEntry\PromptedModeIcon.png shows each question as a separate line on the screen
  4. In the Data Entry toolbar click Prompted ModeP:\Snap Desktop Help\Snap 12 Word files\SnapSurveys Help Files\Screenshots\DataEntry\PromptedModeIcon.png.
  5. The responses from the image below will be used as test data, click the image to open it in a new browser tab for printing. The new window can then be closed to return to this worksheet.
Example of a scanned survey image

Note: Snap Desktop will automatically route from one question to the next, based on the Routing rules set within each variable. No Reply will be the default value if no code is selected. Note type variables will be ignored unless set otherwise in Tailor-Data Entry.

  1. Click NewTestCaseIcon.pngTest Case to create a new test case. This will start at ID.interviewer
Data Entry Test Case
  1. Follow the steps below to enter the test case data. As you progress through the questions press F5 or double click to open and close the answer options for a question.
    1. Press Enter
    2. Press Enter – today’s date is defaulted into
    3. The instruction type questions are skipped by default
    4. Type 1
    5. Press Enter
    6. Type 2
    7. Press Enter
    8. Press Enter
    9. Type 1
    10. Press Enter
    11. Type 3
    12. Press Enter
    13. Type Better changing rooms needed
    14. Press Enter
End Test Case message
  1. Click OK

Step 2: Change the settings to speed up data entry

When a question is set to a single response you can change the settings in Data Entry so that you don’t have to press enter to move to the next question.

  1. In the Data Entry toolbar click on the Tailor icon TailoringIcon.PNG
  2. Change Answer Questions from Individually to Continuously
Data Entry Tailoring dialog with Answer Questions options highlighted
  1. Click OK

Step 3: Enter a live case

  1. In the Data Entry toolbar click NewIcon.png  to create a new case
New case entry in the Data Entry window
  1. Enter the same data as you did for the test case by following these steps. The date and time paradata, such as ID.start, is automatically completed from the system date and time.
    1. Press Enter
    2. Press Enter
    3. Press Enter
    4. Press Enter
    5. Press Enter
    6. Press Enter
    7. Press Enter
    8. Press Enter
    9. Press Enter – today’s date is defaulted into
    10. Type 1
    11. Type 2
    12. Press Enter
    13. Type 1
    14. Type 3
    15. Type Better changing rooms needed
    16. Press Enter
  2. At the end of the case an options dialog window opens.
Select Option dialog
  1. Select the option required
    • Continue saves the current case and move straight on to the next one.
    • Modify allows the current case to be edited.
    • Cancel deletes the current case (delete it).
    • End saves the current case and not move on to another new one.
  2. When you have completed your cases press End to save.
  3. Click SpellCheckIcon.png  to Spell check the literal response data
  4. Data can be verified by being re-inputted, this is optional.

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