Editing the clickable area

You can convert shapes from one type to another. If you have a polygon, you can also add and remove points from the polygon to change its shape.

Drawing precisely

To draw more accurately use the Zoom tool on the bar to change your view of the picture.

Changing the shape type

  1. Select the area by clicking it.
  2. Right-click the area, click Shape Type and select a new shape from the context menu. You can also select the new type from the Shape|Type sub-menu.

Deleting a shape

  1. Select the area by clicking it.
  2. Right-click the area, click Delete Shape.

Moving the selected area

You can move a selected area by dragging it with the mouse or by moving it with the cursor keys [] [] [] []. To move a pixel at a time, use the [Ctrl] key with the cursor keys.

Rotating a polygon

You can rotate the polygon when it is complete.

Combining shapes

You can assign more than one area to the same image code. This will have the effect of grouping the areas, and all the areas will be highlighted if the respondent clicks or puts their mouse over one of them.

Using layers

You can create complicated shapes by layering shapes on top of one another. Either by using inactive shapes, or by using grouped shapes (several shapes linked to one code). The topmost shapes are always the ones which are used if a respondent clicks on them. You can change which shape is on top by using the Shape|Bring to front or Shape | Send to back  commands.