Displaying statistics in a cross-tabulation or frequency table

You can add a subset of the descriptive statistics to give more details about the statistical analysis of the figures in a table.

These allow you to:

  • identify a typical value (the mean, median or mode)
  • display how much the figures are likely to vary depending on the sample (standard deviation, standard error, variance, confidence)
  • incorporate significance tests in your table (z-test, significance(t-test), t-test, U-test)

You can also use these statistics to group the responses to a single-response question (normally a ratings question), so you can immediately compare the high ratings to the low ratings. The high-ratings are known as the Top Box, and the low ratings are known as the Bottom Box. If you display these, you can also display how confident you are that the true population figure is within a specified range based on the sample results.

  1. Click the Summary statistics tab of the Analysis Definition dialog.
Summary Statistics tab in the Analysis definition dialog
  1. Select the statistics you wish to add to your table in the Available pane. (Many of these will require you to apply a scoring system to the table.)
  2. Use the > button to move them into the Show pane to add them to your table.