Database link wizard: Variable mapping

The variable mapping dialog allows you to specify which database field maps to a Snap variable. If you are mapping a database field to a single or multi-response variable in Snap you can seed data directly into one or more codes. This is shown in the picture above. When a multi-response variable is selected, the available codes appear in the lower pane.

The questionnaire seeding page is displayed if you have selected Import from or Export to a database. It is also shown if you have selected Seed database data into questionnaires when setting up the options for online surveys.

Instructions to map variables

  1. To seed (transfer) data from a database field to a question variable in the survey, click in the area to the right of the field and select the survey variable from the drop-down list.

  1. Single and multiple-response questions in Snap XMP Desktop have a code for each possible answer. You can seed data directly into one or more codes.
Database valuesThe possible values for the selected field in the database.
CountsThe number of cases in the database with the specified value.
Snap code indexThe different possible responses to seed into.
Mapping database fields and field values to the survey variables
  1. Select the code that you wish to seed for a given value of the database field. The example shows different age range fields in the database being seeded into the single-multiple response question Age. If the Age field in the database is set to 2 the age range 25 to 44 will be seeded into the field.
  2. Click Next. You will see a summary of what the database link does.
  3. Enter a name for the link and click Finish.